What do you think about PhilPeople? They collect sensitive demographic statistics. How will these statistics be used? Will they make it easier to harass departments or conferences that don’t have enough bias in favor of privileged categories? What can we do to stop this?


June Open Thread

Because the metaforum has been shut down, we will host open threads at this website. The threads will be very lightly moderated. Comments will only be removed if they match one of the following descriptions:

  • they are clearly off-topic
  • they are clearly illegal in our jurisdiction
  • they attempt to doxx people
  • they are spam.

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Philosophy Meta Meta

Philosophy Meta-Forum

  • The philosophy meta-forum offered easy to follow discussion threads beginning in May 2017.  The meta-forum is now offline after apparent doxxing threats.

Philosophy Metablogs

  • The last philosophy metablog (since Dec 2015). Now defunct.
  • The PMMB (April to November 2015)
  • The domain registration for Glaucon’s Philosophy Metablog (2014) has expired. The domain was later taken over by trolls. But we have partial archived copies: Archive 1, Archive 2

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Safety Advice
  • Don’t come to the underground from a campus computer.
  • Use Tor Browser. It’s easy.