Guide to the Underground

Philosophy Meta Meta

Philosophy Meta-Forum

  • The philosophy meta-forum offered easy to follow discussion threads beginning in May 2017.  The meta-forum is now offline after apparent doxxing threats.

Philosophy Metablogs

  • The last philosophy metablog (since Dec 2015). Now defunct.
  • The PMMB (April to November 2015)
  • The domain registration for Glaucon’s Philosophy Metablog (2014) has expired. The domain was later taken over by trolls. But we have partial archived copies: Archive 1, Archive 2

Other Underground Blogs About Philosophy

Old Underground Philosophy Reddits

Safety Advice
  • Don’t come to the underground from a campus computer.
  • Use Tor Browser. It’s easy.

4 thoughts on “Guide to the Underground

  1. This is a fantastic resource. Thank you for making it. Suggestion: include a “last edited” tag on the post, so it’s easy at first glance to see that the information here is recent.


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